Get Started with Google Apps

A training program to master all Google Apps basics
Communicate efficiently with Gmail and Hangout
Efficient organization with Google Calendar
Collaborate with your team on Google Drive
Dedicated delegation modules for assistants on Gmail, Calendar and Contacts
Personalized sessions for 1-to-1 VIP coaching
Work with Google Apps on your Mobile device

Get more value with Google Apps

Deepen your knowledge of Google Apps by learning more about advanced features
Manage your folders with Drive and AODocs
Leverage Google Spreadsheet and Form functionalities
Manage customers' and colleagues' requests with Collaborative Inbox
Create websites to gather and share data with Google Sites
Best practices for organizing your Agenda
Work remotely or offline with Google Apps
Improve your skills on Google Documents
Tips and tricks on Google Apps
Contributing to Online Communities and networks


Become an advanced user of Google Apps : automate, build and train!
Advanced use of Google Sheets
Build Databases with AODocs
Manage Collaborative Mailboxes powered By Google Groups
Automate your tasks with Apps Script
Train the Trainer