A worldwide google apps trainer network since 2010

Training cOordination

With more than 10 years experience in change management, AppsTrainer's specialized and dedicated team provides adapted support to your company and accompanies your team in their adoption of cloud based solutions.

Delivery mode

Walking teacher

A mobile trainer in your office delivering personalized advice and training at users' desks


If your customer's offices are spread over several sites with few users per site, AppsTrainer can provide webinars instead of on-site training to reach as many employees as possible

Classroom training

For maximum training efficiency, opt for on-site training so users can complete practical exercises and obtain instant answers to questions from their experienced trainer

Delivery capacity

The Certified Trainer Program gives AppsTrainer the flexibility to scale up and down according to our customers' needs. For example, in one month we were able to carry out massive training campaigns :
Up to
300 trainings 
per month
to more than
6 000
with more than
Different modules have been created to deliver suitable guidance through Google Apps according to the level of training required. We can adapt our offer according to the customer’s needs.